Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcoming 2014

Three days ago (31 Dec) was my birthday and NYE. Just like a normal person, i celebrated the day. I actually had this plan before, to celebrate the special day in Bali. But shits happened, so i had to stay here in Jakarta. I wasn't in a very good mood. I just broke up with boyfie (again) and another (real) shit happened (i'm not gonna write about it, pffft). I thought everything was gonna be alright on NYE, "people will go all out and blablabla", but surprisingly, my besties decided to spend the day with their fam or lovers (my fam not in Jakarta), my partygoers group however decided to spend the day at some mosque, doing tahajjud prayer and my crush (yes, i have a crush on someone - still not sure about this tho) lives in another country. And the rest, they did ask me out but i had some particular reasons not to come. So yeah, i was alone, feeling cranky and miserable. Well people gave me a lot of birthday presents but what i wanted was a fine party.

I made myself busy cleaning up my new apartment… but still, i felt empty and began to feel sorry for myself. I thought, "it's my fuckin' birthday, what am i doing here - in my apartment alone? 2014 is coming, and i don't wanna welcome the upcoming year feeling miserable. That's it, I need booze to cheer me up! I am a cheerful person, strong and a proven problem solver" (A study exploring the influence of alcohol on creative problem-solving suggests a small amount of booze could help you find some answers --- ok, you may laugh now). I raised my glass and suddenly someone that i just met somewhere (you can say... a stranger) sent me a message. I never really paid much attention to this guy before. Call me crazy, but i asked this guy to meet me at midnight and talk with me over a cup of coffee. He wasn't exactly in Jakarta but he agreed to meet me. Haha! Well, we all need to laugh and bring optimism for 2014, aight?

I did celebrate the NYE fuckn countdown alone. But just an hour or two after that, i talked with this guy in a cafe - we had random convo - and we laughed a lot. It was a good moment..something new in my life. And no, we didn't end up in bed or falling in love with each other (don't expect a stupid romantic story, I'm liking someone else and that moment i wasn't into something like that). He's a good person tho..

Anyway… how was your 2013? 2013 was a bad year for me. I'm definitely not gonna miss 2013. But i truly hope 2014 will treat me nice. I have a wish, a simple wish and i hope it will come true. I'm not gonna tell you what my wish is 'cause you're gonna laugh. Well, maybe you won't but my besties definitely will.

Again, people, have a very fucktastic year ahead and… nice. I know i will try to be nice.



~ desyc ~